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Webster Arts Fair 2019 will be held Friday through Sunday, June 7-9, 2019, in Webster Groves, on the grounds of Eden Theological Seminary at the corner of Lockwood Ave and Bompart.  The event will feature over 105 artists in a juried fine art show, unique hands-on activities for young and old, live musical entertainment from local talent performing on a main stage and fine food from area restaurants.

Fair hours are Friday, June 7: 6:00 PM - 10:00 PM, Saturday, June 8: 11:00 AM - 9:00 PM, and Sunday, June 9: 11:00 PM - 5:00 PM. Estimated attendance for the Fair is 25,000+.

The Webster Arts Fair is produced by Webster Arts, a 501c3 not-for-profit organization (“Webster Arts”).  
Electricity and security are provided. Trash hauling and site clean-up is the responsibility of the vendor.

Application Process

Applications must be electronically submitted, mailed and received by Webster Arts, or hand delivered to Webster Arts, no later than March 31. Vendors will be accepted or declined as applications and deposits arrive. There are limited spaces available. Please apply early.  The deposit will be refundable on or before April 20 at the applicant’s request. After April 20, the deposit will become non-refundable. The food vendor fee balance is due on or before April 30, 2019. There is a $150 late fee if not paid after April but before May 11.  

By submitting an application you agree to the following:

Acceptance Criteria for Food Vendors

Webster Arts Fair is known for offering an extensive array of cuisine. Applications will be evaluated based on the following criteria:

  • Menu Proposal
  • Foods must add variety to the Fair’s offerings.
  • Foods and service must be of high quality.
  • Foods must be reasonably priced.
  • Foods must be unique to each concession.
  • All food vendors are expected to be fully operational during the following hours:
    • Friday: 6PM – 10 PM
    • Saturday: 11 AM – 9 PM
    • Sunday: 11AM – 5 pm
  • Ability to fulfill contract terms, listed on this page or otherwise in writing, including proof of liability insurance.
  • Applicable licenses must be displayed.

ALL Accepted vendors agree to provide the following to Webster Arts:

  • Accepted vendors must submit a deposit of $250 by March 31, 2019
  • Balance of Registration Fee due for each unit space by April 30, 2019 (Late fees apply if paid after April 30.)
  • Liability insurance certificate naming Webster Arts as an additional insured for duration of the Fair by May 1.
  • Copies of all applicable licenses required by municipality, State, County and other government agencies, including a St. Louis County Health Temporary Food Establishment Application, to be received by the Health Department no later than 10 calendar days prior to the fair’s dates.
  • Upon Fair check-in on Friday, June 7, food vendors may be asked provide a ‘Cleanliness and Waste Disposal’ check deposit of $250. The deposit will be returned to the applicant upon successful inspection and check-out on Sunday, June 9, 2019.

Proposed Menu - IMPORTANT

Please provide a detailed description of each item and its price. Limit your menu to a few “signature” items. Food vendor applicants are limited to the sale of food and beverage items approved by Webster Arts. ATMs are prohibited. Approved menu items and pricing are contractual. Therefore, changes in menu items, pricing, or other terms and provisions will not be allowed unless mutually agreed by written amendment to the contract.

All food vendors are being offered the opportunity to provide one child-friendly food item. The food item or meal is recommended to be half of the price of adult menu items. This opportunity is only an option and is not mandatory. All food vendors are being offered the opportunity to provide one vegetarian food item. This opportunity is only an option and is not mandatory.


Webster Arts has the exclusive right to sell soft drinks, tea, lemonade, water, wine and beer beverages at Webster Arts Fair 2018. Participating vendors will be permitted to sell one specialty alcoholic beverage, provided that the vendor has obtained appropriate permits to sell such beverages, applied for the sale of those products, received the approval of Webster Arts in advance of the Fair and priced the beverages at or above $6.

Booth Operations

Food vendors are responsible for providing their own food refrigeration.
Restaurants are responsible for providing their own booth canopy (10x10 white tent preferred).
Food vendors are responsible for set up, operation, and removal of all equipment and trash at their location.
The ‘Cleanliness and Waste Disposal’ deposit will be returned upon upon successful inspection and check-out on Sunday, June 9.

Fee for Booth Space

See application for specific fee. Tent rental is available at $225 per white 10’x10’ rented tent and includes one table and 2 chairs. Additional tables at $15 each.


All food vendors are required to prominently display signage noting food items offered and their prices as approved by Webster Arts. Vendors are allowed to bring their own signage with the name of the restaurant displayed in a professional manner.
Webster Arts has the right to deny any signage, display and/or sale of any items which is, in Webster Arts’ judgment, inappropriate.


Webster Arts is able to provide standard electric power to participating vendors (30 amps/110 volts). 220 volts is not available. If electricity is required, vendors must supply their own 10 or 12 gauge 100’ (outdoor rated) electrical cords.
Webster Arts reserves the right to limit the amount of electrical equipment used by each vendor in order to ensure the availability of electricity for all participants. Vendors may not use generators for additional electricity without permission from Webster Arts.

Water and Ice

Limited potable water will be available at the event and must be hauled in an appropriate food grade container. Ice may be purchased on site. More information about pricing will be provided upon acceptance. Vendors may not use ice merchandisers.

Cleanliness and Waste Disposal

Food vendors will be responsible for the periodic removal of their own trash to the appropriately designated dumpster site during the event as well as the cleaning of their space at the close of the Fair on each day of the event. All stains must be removed from blacktop.
The ‘Cleanliness and Waste Disposal’ deposit will be returned upon successful inspection and check-out on Sunday, June 3.

Fire Department Regulations

All vendors must comply with requirements of the Webster Groves Fire Department and Webster Groves Police Department.

Health Department Regulations

Food vendors are expected to fully comply with all regulations, codes, laws and legal requirements in their operations, including but not limited to health and safety regulations, and are expected to cooperate with personnel from the County and local health departments who may be on site throughout the event. Webster Arts will stand by all decisions made by the health departments.

Site Assignement

Space assignments are largely affected by construction restrictions, power requirements, traffic flow, and food variety. Webster Arts will be the sole determinant of assigned spaces, although we will make efforts to honor requests whenever possible.
Please note that Webster Arts will not require any commission from food vendors.


Failure to comply with the terms or conditions of this application may result in the termination of Vendor’s participation in Webster Arts Fair 2019 and forfeiture of Vendor’s deposit, vendor fee, Cleanliness and Waste Disposal deposit, and any other deposits or fees.

Vendor grants Webster Arts and its representatives permission, to take and use: photographs and/or digital images of Vendor’s logo, signage, booth, employees, and patrons for use in news releases and/or promotional materials including printed or electronic publications, websites, or other electronic communications including names and identities in descriptive text or commentary in connection with the image(s). Vendor authorizes the use of these images without compensation to Vendor and acknowledges that all negatives, prints, and digital reproductions shall be the property of Webster Arts.

Liability and Loss

Webster Arts assumes no liability for loss or damage to any property of the Vendor due to fire, tornado, weather conditions, vandalism, theft, or other causes. Webster Arts shall not be responsible for any breach of the law by Vendor or its employees or contractors. Vendor agrees not to bring any suit for damages against Webster Arts for any personal injuries or property damages which may occur to Vendor or Vendor’s employees or contractors.


Vendor acknowledges that it has complete control over the sourcing, preparation, storage and service of its food products. Vendor agrees to indemnify, hold harmless, and defend Webster Arts and its officers, directors, employees and volunteers, from any claims, liabilities, losses, damages, lawsuits, actions and attorneys fees arising out of Vendor’s participation in Webster Arts Fair, the provision or sale of Vendor's food products at Webster Arts Fair and any actions or omissions of Vendors' agents and/or employees, whether intentional, reckless or negligent, in connection with Vendor’s participation in Webster Arts Fair and the provision or sale of its food products at Webster Arts Fair, including, but not limited to any claims for bodily injury (including death), medical expenses or pain and suffering.

Questions? Contact Webster Arts.

(314) 918-2671